Wholesale Groceries in Melbourne

Wholesale groceries, International groceries, Indian groceries, Asian groceries, health foods and more!

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Hindustan Imports is Melbourne’s best wholesaler of Indian groceries, Asian groceries, international groceries, spices & health foods.

We supply wholesale groceries and food ingredients for various food manufacturers, restaurants, cafeterias, bakeries, health food stores and grocery stores throughout Australia.

Our product range is huge, with over 4000 products available.  Our main product lines are rice, flour, legumes (peas, beans, dhal & lentils), spices, dried herbs, edible nuts, dried fruits, ghee & oil, a range of branded food products and kitchen equipment, cooking utensils and cookware.  All available in bulk at wholesale prices.

Our dedicate sales representatives are available to discuss how we can best work with you to deliver quality products at great wholesale prices.

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